Carerra Pop-Up Fest 2017

The Tulsa Carrera Program at Union Public Schools will host its inaugural student entrepreneurial festival at Guthrie Green on Saturday, May 13 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The public is invited to enjoy family-friendly entertainment, activities and food while shopping at different student pop-up shops ranging from paintings to Mother’s Day themed creations. The Tulsa Carrera Program is a holistic teenage pregnancy prevention program that provides students with an array of academic, social and career support through its seven medically accurate and age-appropriate components, which are integrated into the UPS school day and classroom. The Job Club component encourages students to learn about careers and develop basic work-related skills. Students also learn principles behind banking and participate in business activities that expose them to entrepreneurship and earning potential.

The Carrera Pop-Up Fest is designed to provide students with opportunities to learn about executing business ideas and working with community partners. Throughout the spring, students have been planning, budgeting and creating products and activities to bring to Guthrie Green.

“We appreciate all the advocacy and support Tulsans provide to our school systems, students and teachers,” said Christopher Davis, Carrera Job Club Coordinator. “The Pop-Up Fest is a great opportunity for Tulsans to invest in our city’s future entrepreneurs and leaders.” The Carrera Pop-up Fest is open to the general public and admission is free. In addition to student businesses and activities, live entertainment will be provided by Aaron Bernard from 105 KJAMZ, The Stylees and HipHopotamus. For more information, visit